Alternative Medicine – What Controversial


Probably in the medical field nothing is as controversial as alternative therapy and medicine in general. This controversy can be seen immediately in the definition of other drugs. In the modern Western world, any healing practice that does not fall within the boundaries of conventional mainstream medicine is considered other medicines. Other treatments are varied both their base and in their methodology. Alternative medicine practitioners usually make claims that the medical community is not ready to accept. This is because alternative medicine is based on traditional medicine, spiritual beliefs, folk knowledge and other new approaches to healing.

But the conflict has prevented people from taking advantage of other medical treatments. For example, a systematic review found that about 31% of cancer patients instead of traditional medical practices in some form of alternative therapy and complementary medical procedures. By some estimates, that may even have contributed to at least half of all doctors practicing physicians. In Germany, half the doctors write herbs, office of alternative medicines. Note also that it is possible to look at the land can be considered conventional in another. Thus, in some countries, other treatments and drugs as an alternative to meet the requirements can be obtained using conventional methods to be seen. Alternative medicine has also seen a variety of medical framework.

This is the United States, alternative medicine is usually taught in medical schools, and generally not in US hospitals. , In some circles, however, the combination of traditional and alternative medicines integrative medicine resulting call. Some of these medical practices have integrated some scientific evidence of efficacy. The Washington Post is defined as a complete medical programs for traditional medical treatment such as acupuncture, Reiki and herbs that contain them.

Use of alternative therapy and other methods seem to be increasing in developed countries. To prevent supporters of alternative medicines that have demonstrated some of these practices in some treatments to be effective. It is often used in palliative care are other treatments considered kind of treatment, this extra help, that endangers the patient. Most are designed to reduce pain and improve the quality of life of patients.

It seems that the dispute alternative medicine not end soon. This conflict seems to be spreading religious freedom and discussion of the branches of other medicines in the jurisdiction and should not be regulated. At the same time, other treatments and drugs seem to be general.


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