Alternative Medicine and Child – The Holistic Pediatrician



The holistic pediatrician is a doctor who will treat children and their illnesses and scrapes and bumps in daily childhood. They do not just using traditional invasive techniques treatment but will instead use more non-invasive techniques that are more natural and more gentle towards the child. They will perform the usual services to prevent and treat childhood diseases, but will also strive to maintain the health of the child maintained through their diet, with herbal medicine and massage as well as other drug free methods.

holistic pediatrician mainly focuses on trying to treat children with preventive care. While they still need some time to provide prescriptions and surgery to treat a variety of things that they tend to have better bedside manner with children for the stressful times. They are committed to a better all round care and will focus on diet, aroma therapy, bodywork, biofeedback and more, all of which form a holistic medicine base. Good holistic pediatrician will employ a holistic base along with formal medical knowledge in order to provide the best overall care of children.

Understand the holistic pediatricians have solid medical education. They either will have won the MD or do as a doctor of osteopathic medicine – a post-graduate. They will also serve three years as a pediatric resident at the hospital allocated. These doctors also will continue their education by taking a number of additional courses and seminars that deal with holistic treatments for children include asthma, diet, autism and homeopathy.

One of the more common ailments that children seem to get are ear infections. Most pediatricians immediately prescribe antibiotics to help get rid of the condition. The problem here though is that the problem will usually recur despite the short amount of time. This is where the holistic approach comes in handy and holistic pediatrician will provide for a child to give some pro tennis or good bacteria supplements. It has been proven that if given antibiotics and nasal spray with pro Organic in the comeback ear was much less than children are not treated by this method.

The best way to find a holistic doctor for your children is to get hold of the insurance company and ask them for a list of holistic or other pediatricians they have and they will capture. You can also go to the Holistic Pediatric Association website and find a doctor in your area by searching on their website. Another place that you can also go to be American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

If you are concerned about the growing trend in the treatment of our children with drugs that could truly want to look into to find a holistic pediatrician, because they can offer you a way to feel at ease when treating the child with a more natural routes. By using other ways to treat the child as nutritional changes, vitamins, herbs and natural things we can cut down on drug side effects and give our children a more relaxing and effective means of treatment.