Big Pharma Vs Alternative Medicine


People who have had positive results with other treatments, doctors are often surprised by the fierce resistance they read in the media against alternative medicine. The root of this resistance is usually backed by big pharmaceutical companies. It is not uncommon to find fictitious articles written to disprove Alternative Healing shot unscientific. These campaigns are often targeted by homeopathy. What provoked the attack natural treatments?

The reason is simple. People are discovering that the most effective treatment for the many ailments that they succumb to in fact, they help the body to turn their great ability to heal itself. It is in the interest of pharmaceutical companies to locate drugs they produce the only effective way to look at “sensitive” body. They need to build a myth that the body is defenseless against a myriad of micro-organisms, viruses and bacteria that otherwise would overcome man if it were not for their drugs,

All mass conversion of people to a more natural treatment would threaten their sales and set rate their risk. Can you imagine a scenario where people begin to take more responsibility for their own health? As they begin to eat the right foods, exercising more and rely a great healing powers his own body. People would no longer feel to consult a doctor for every little ailment. This would mean less unnecessary prescriptions written and hence less drug sales. A whole industry of doctors, chemists and drug firms have a vested interest in maintaining the myth of the weak and vulnerable body. It is therefore in their interest to invest in huge PR campaign to discredit any natural treatment.

Consumer rights groups supporting natural treatments industries are still fighting back. Hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters natural health senators contact them and let their voices be heard. Therefore, the Senate bill S.1082 will in no way restrict access to supplements. They are recorded as they will race each bill or amendment that favors corporate interests over the interests of consumers. The more lawmakers realize that members of the health freedom movement will not remain silent will make them think twice before introducing upcoming bills that try to control food supplements

The inspiring thing is that there is a growing trend for natural medicine . While big pharma in the US may have won the battle shaped, they are losing the war. This can be served with:

• Public opinion towards pharmaceutical companies is at an all time low

• More consumers are turning to natural treatments for diseases and disorders .. The popularity of homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine is at an all time high and continues to rise!

• People are finally starting to realize that they are being ripped off by profit-minded industry charging them the highest rates in the world for products that are neither safe nor effective

• The scary the current economic climate is focused on the fact that cities, states and countries are starting to declare bankruptcy because of outrageous health care costs -. cost equipped with medicine-based drugs.

• Strong trend strongly in favor of natural, sustainable living!

It is therefore not surprising that the Pharma industry concerned about this development and the impact it will have on their medical monopoly. This is why the vast lobby their budget to influence senators, regulators and the media to run propaganda. The truth is that the growing number of people that traditional medicine is becoming almost irrelevant. Very many people are simply not visit doctors more or buy prescription drugs.

If it were not for health insurance not covering naturopathic treatments in the United States many more people would now choose natural therapies instead of drugs and surgery. If health insurance homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal medicine and acupuncture it is likely that there would be a massive move from doctors, drug companies and toxic cancer treatments. By limiting consumer choice, feeding them propaganda and limiting access to natural treatments that really work, they are able to survive and thrive.

the opinion of millions of consumers, organized traditional materials based medicine is already obsolete. Regulators still stuck in the past bound industry was outdated two decades. Consumers understand that the future of medicine is about preventing disease and nourishing the body to support the natural healing process of the body process. Cruelty chemical attack it with synthetic drugs is just no longer acceptable.

We are in the middle of a huge change in thinking made possible with mandates that consumers have all the information they need at the tip of your fingers. The Internet has provided consumers the truth about Big Pharma and regulatory system that underpins it ..

At some point in the future historians will describe the current times in the dark ages of medicine. The future of medicine is one of empowering consumers have a full choice to use whatever resources the Best Suites.