Electro Therapy Alternative Medicine – A Second Chance for better health


Alternative medicine is gaining popularity and it is often used as an alternative to traditional medical technology. In addition to traditional medical practices, there are other treatments and therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, yoga, Ayurveda and others. Another option exercise is represented by electro-therapy, a non-surgical method where you can achieve good results in a relative short period of time.

electrotherapy is a kind of therapy that uses electric current to stimulate the tissues in order to cure various diseases or to restore some lost functions of the body. It has been proven that bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and other body cells are influenced in a positive way through electricity.

electrotherapy represents modern treatment that has been used starting with the end of the 19th century in order to treat a variety of problems. The location of the pain associated with certain body and it was thought that electricity can operate certain transformation, accelerate the healing process

electrotherapy methods can be and should treat a variety of diseases :. Headache, pain, function, cells, muscle stretching, hematoma, contusions, arthritis, chronic constipation and many more

electrotherapy methods :.

neurostimulation: A buffer is placed on problem areas and an electric current is induced irritate the skin. The effect of treatment is the annihilation of pain

diadynamic :. This treatment uses a special power to remove pain and improve circulation. It is used to treat ulcers, degenerative diseases of the spine and joints. At the same time, the analgesic effect

Interferential currents :. Treatment with these currents is very effective to remove the pain, especially on the neck or back. Some pads connected to a device like a vacuum cleaner are located on the painful area. This treatment has the effect of micro-massage, remove the pain and improve the circulation of oxygen in the tissues

Galvanic baths :. Treatment consists of combining water with a simple power. The patient sits in a bath at a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, the electrical current passes through the body. Plating baths are used for the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory joint disease rheumatoid arthritis and

Accounts :. These methods affect allow drugs to enter the body through galvanic current. Ionization is recommended if the patient suffers from arthritis or chronic diseases and inflammation of the spine. Everyone can use this type of treatment with some exceptions: people who have metal rods set in their bodies or pregnant women who do not have doctor’s approval. Electro-stimulation treatments are not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy, various skin diseases, thyroid, and hypertension

electrotherapy is no age limit. it can be applied to people of all ages. The results will, however, if the disease is chronic or not, it depends on when the disease is detected and when did treatment.

What is very important to keep in mind is that the program generally requires individual physiotherapy for the patient. Each patient must be carefully examined to find the cause / characteristics to determine whether it is functional or organic failing to choose the correct therapeutic behavior. Before testing is important it useful in choosing the most appropriate methods of physical therapy for the patient at the time.

electrotherapy is at the office, with neurologist or functional multiple teachers, or even in the hospital, a rehabilitation service or center against pain. It is in order of 5 to 15 sessions of 10 to 30 minutes each. This number is updated 3 times. Electro Therapy can cause some rare fire, especially in the case of the methods that use direct electric current (ionic currents) and luminous radiation.